Announcement of 2016 Chinese New Year Holiday

Thank you a lot for your notice first and the Chinese New Year (Which we called the Spring Festival) is the most important festival in China, the whole country will have a holiday to celebrate it . Our holiday starts on 2nd,Feb and ends on 14th,Feb.

Before the holiday we will still send parcels till 2nd, Feb, the following days we just accept orders without sending packages .

And please don't worry , during the holiday all the emails will be replied in 72 hours and the orders stagnated during the holiday will be disposed when we start to work(that is 15th Feb ) .As there will be a lot of orders , we will try our best to ship all the stacking orders in a week after starting work.

If you are distributors , please stock up enough to this long vacation for the factory will have a longer holiday than us ( their holiday begins from 20th, Jan). We will stock some for the long holiday , but if you need big orders , please place orders before 20th, Jan . And if you place orders during the holiday ,please just be a little patience, everything will return to normal when we start working after the holiday .

Hope New Year will bring you and your family happiness , good health and continued success !